About Us

Set in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool’s upcoming business area. Contour Sanctuary UK is a non-invasive body contouring clinic that offers treatments for all areas of the body using innovative and bespoke methods to the client’s needs without the use of any needles or surgery with minimal downtime.
Contour Sanctuary UK offers non-invasive treatments for all areas of the body with no downtime or need for any special diets.

Reach your beauty goals by enhancing your body and face, whether it is a full body contouring process, laser hair removal, skin tightening treatment, cellulite reduction or vacuum therapy.

Contour Sanctuary UK is here to support you on your journey of self-enhancement. We’re not just another body contouring clinic but offer individualised consultation, set realistic expectations, and help create realistic goals.

We offer treatments that cater to your needs which are specifically designed for your body type. A trained beautician will talk you through the various treatments we have to offer and then conduct these using the latest technology to help define and contour.

Before any treatment, our clients will be provided with a consultation with our fully trained and qualified staff member.
We offer a warm, friendly welcome with clear specific advice which is catered for each individual’s requirements.

From consultation to procedure through recovery, we’re committed to providing a seamless experience with the highest level of care, enhancing your natural beauty as well as your confidence.

Join the unyielding trend of using body contouring procedures to enhance your body’s overall contour. Let Contour Sanctuary UK substantiate your body goals with an array of the latest technologies and treatments. We are experts at body contouring treatments and help you reach your personal health and beauty goals in a safe and comfortable environment.

Feel free to contact us regarding any of our treatments and we will be more than happy to have a consultation with you in person or over the phone. We are looking forward to meeting you when you visit our clinic.


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