Non-Surgical Chin and Jawline Procedure

Non-surgical chin and jawline surgery is a procedure to enhance the shape and size of the jaw and chin to make them symmetrical with the facial proportion. Chin augmentation and jawline contouring are ideal for people who do not want to undergo the traditional surgical methods to get a flawless jawline and chin.

Contour Sanctuary UK talented team of beauticians has complete knowledge of facial anatomy and uses top end technology to give a sculpted look to clients and improve their facial aesthetics. It is easier to get a transformed look by taking advantage of services offered by us.


  • Look younger with perfect facial features
  • Get an attractive jawline and chin without any pain
  • Less invasive and no risk involved in the treatment
  • Non-surgical procedure with minimal downtime


Single session £65
Package Price for 4 £208
Package Price of 6 £293
Package Price of 8 £364