Brazilian Bum Lift and Why People Choose It?

Brazilian bum lift (BBL) has become a popular non-surgical treatment due to its exceptional results, minimal post-operative complications, and popularity among celebrities. It involves two procedures, including liposuction and augmentation, to lift the size of buttocks by using the extra fat from body parts such as the waist, thighs, abdomen, or lower back.

We at Contour Sanctuary UK commit to providing guaranteed results in a short period and offer a painless procedure so that you can have the best shape of your buttock.


  • Removal of the excess body fat from the hip, thighs, and waist region
  • Improves the overall body posture and physical appearance
  • Get back your natural curves and look gorgeous like never before
  • Effective treatment with quick results that allows you to wear the dress of your choice always


Single session £85
Package Price for 4 £272
Package Price of 6 £383
Package Price of 8 £476